Paynet Careers


Since the day it was founded, Paynet has strived to break new ground in the field of financial technology and to always do better. To this end, it implements a human resources policy in which all candidates can showcase their skills and express themselves. Would you like to discover the application and assessment process to become a member of Paynet's innovative and dynamic team?

How Does the Process Work

There are 4 steps to joining the Paynet team. 


Receiving applications

The Paynet career adventure begins when candidates submit their resumes through the application channels.


Pre-screening and Interviewing

Incoming resumes are included in the pre-screening process by the Human Resources department. Interviews are organised for those candidates whose resumes are deemed suitable for the position being applied for.



Paynet's values include sharing responsibility as a team and providing a work culture where problems are solved quickly. To achieve this, each candidate interviewed is tested. This testing process uses assessment tools related to personality, general culture and skills and examines the candidate's competence for the position and their compatibility with the team.



After the interview and testing steps, successful candidates are offered a position and the process is concluded with a mutual agreement.


Open positions