Collecting Multiple Payments

Paynet member merchants can offer their customers the option to pay with more than one card for the same purchase.

In cases where customers' credit or debit card limits are insufficient, Paynet has developed the Split Payment method to easily receive payment from more than one card

The Split Payment method also enables payment from different people's cards for purchases such as joint gifts. Meaning, there is no need to make multiple transactions or issue different invoices.

Multiple Collections Online or in Store

Paynet member merchants can benefit from the Split Payment method through Paylink wherever the customer is located. This allows customers to utilise their card limits as they wish.

Low Cart Abandonment Rate

Instances in e-commerce of customers leaving the shopping halfway due to having insufficient funds is minimised with the Split Payment method. Customers can easily pay the amount in their carts with different cards.

High Cart Amounts

Since Paynet member merchants can sell with more than one card in a single cart, customers do not have to divide their carts. This allows users to complete their shopping in one transaction.

With CBRT and PCI-DSS Assurance

Like all Paynet payment solutions, the Split Payment method is approved by the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye and has an international PCI-DSS 1st level certificate, and all transactions are carried out in accordance with legal regulations.

It is a payment method where your customers can divide their payments into parts and make them with any number of cards.

When your customer has limit problems, they can use their available limits on different cards or share the payment with their friends for joint purchases such as gifts.

Split Payment minimises the rate of sales abandonment and cart abandonment when the customer has insufficient funds. This increases your sales figures and customer satisfaction.

You can use the split payment method on your online platforms or for payments made via Paylink, Paynet's link payment method. In the payments you will collect with split payment, your customer first determines the amount to be paid and then completes their payment by entering their card information.

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