Collecting Payments with NFC

PayPOS works with the SoftPOS infrastructure and lets you turn any Android device equipped with NFC/contactless capabilities, such as mobile phones, tablets, kiosks or hand-held terminals, into a physical POS and accept one-time or instalment payments from anywhere in seconds.

PayPOS prevents you from obtaining a separate POS for each store and cash register, and eliminates the need to carry more than one device or POS, especially when making a sale. The transaction receipt is sent to the customers by e-mail based on their request. Therefore, this eliminate the burden of maintaining a POS roll. The order is easily integrated with ERP and CRM apps.

If the contactless payment limit is exceeded in PayPOS transactions, the payment transaction will require the PIN code known as the card password.

PayPOS: Advantages of Collecting Payments with NFC

  • Contactless, fast, secure payments
  • Eliminating device investment costs (POS purchase, cost of ownership, service, maintenance, etc.)
  • No more carrying more than one device
  • Unlimited users and terminals at no additional cost
  • Can accept mobile and digital payments
  • The order easily integrates with ERP and CRM apps.
  • Can receive location-independent payments

Paynet is an organization licensed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and all transactions made with PayPOS have the same security level as physical POS transactions. For detailed information about all our products and solutions, you can contact us by calling our call centre numbers 444 7 729 or 0850 339 77 29 or by sending an e-mail to

PayPOS: What are the Benefits of Collecting Payments with NFC?



NFC technology enables contactless payments to be made from anywhere in seconds, either as a single payment or in instalments.


All transactions are as secure as physical POS transactions.


It can be instantly downloaded free of charge to all NFC-equipped Android devices via Google Play.


Ease of receiving instant payments without the need for card information or 3D verification.


No more investing in more than one device and carrying separate POS.


No need to visit a bank branch for an additional POS.


No more POS confusion or queues at checkouts.


It works in integration with both the Paynet MobilePOS and businesses' own mobile apps without any installation.


Saves on POS costs such as physical POS purchase, holding cost, service, and maintenance.

The PayPOS app developed by Paynet transforms any device with Android operating systems such as smart phones, tablets, hand-held terminals and kiosks into POS devices that can collect payments via NFC. The app, which Paynet member merchants can easily benefit from, enables contactless payments to be collected in seconds at no extra cost.

Only contactless payments can be taken with PayPOS. For non-contactless payment transactions, payment can be received by sending a link via the Paynet Virtual POS infrastructure or by directly entering the customers' card information.

PayPOS can be used on any devices with the Android operating system. PayPOS cannot be accessed from devices with different operating systems such as Harmony OS or iOS. In other words, businesses that want to collect payments with PayPOS need to use the NFC-enabled smart phones or tablets on the list of Android brands.
In addition, if PayPOS is to be used in a kiosk or hand-held terminal, it must have an Android operating system. And the devices must be NFC compatible. Payments cannot be collected with devices that do not have NFC technology or an Android operating system. 

To start collecting PayPOS payments, Paynet member merchants must first go to Google Play and download the Paynet mobile and PayPOS apps. Apart from that, no extra installation or device is needed.

First of all, Paynet member merchants need to download the Paynet mobile and PayPOS apps to their Android devices.
Once the apps are installed, the process of getting paid proceeds as follows.

  • After opening the Paynet Mobile App, select the ' Collect Payment' button.
  • After entering the amount to be paid, select the Collect Payments with PayPOS' button.
  • After choosing the instalment or single payment options according to the customer's request, click on the 'Complete Payment' button.
  • The Paynet Mobile App automatically switches to PayPOS when it receives the command to complete the payment.
  • When the PayPOS app is enabled, the customer can complete the payments by bringing their contactless card close to the NFC part on the back of the phone.

If the contactless payment limit set by the BRSA is not exceeded, the PIN code, known as the card password, will not be requested. This means that the customer or business does not need to take any additional action. However, if the set amount is exceeded, the customer's PIN code must be entered to authorise the payment.

Other prominent benefits of PayPOS are listed below:

  • The PayPOS app can work with all NFC-equipped Android devices. Payments are made within seconds.
  • PayPOS can be easily added to devices via Google Play. In addition, the Paynet Mobile App must also be downloaded for PayPOS to work. Apart from that, payments can be collected without the need to purchase any extra installation or device.
  • Unlike physical POS devices, PayPOS does not have any costs such as storage, maintenance, or service fees.
  • All transactions processed with PayPOS are as secure as those made with physical POS devices.
  • PayPOS is a solution that can be used everywhere. You can collect payments from customers anywhere with a mobile device that uses the Android operating system. 

In fact, NFC has been used for a long time in areas such as industrial production. It enables devices to connect with each other in important processes such as data sharing, verification or processing. In addition, thanks to its very fast and trouble-free technology, it is rapidly integrated into payment systems today. As of today, payments can be made via NFC in many stores in Turkey. Users can complete their payment transactions with credit or debit cards with contactless payment feature.

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