Manage Your Cash Flow with the PayPortal Online Collection System

PayPortal is a ready-made online collection system platform where businesses can access all Paynet products and solutions, collect payments, provide financial management and view past transaction reports.

Conveniences offered by the PayPortal Online Collection System

  • Offering pay by instalment for all bank POSs from a single screen
  • Managing cash flow and costs
  • Diversifying secure collection and payment methods
  • Eliminating investment costs

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What are the Benefits offered by the PayPortal Online Collection System?



You can access all Paynet's products and solutions (such as credit card payment, Open Banking, credit payment, link payment) on a single screen and collect payments.


You can view and report all collection transactions.


Its advanced reporting features let you create any kind or report easily.


PayPortal is easily accessible via web browsers.


The business does not need to have an additional interface or integration to use PayPortal.


There are no additional development costs or operational processes.

PayPortal is an online collection system platform where businesses can both receive payments and provide financial management.

Paynet member merchants can use the PayPortal online collection system.

You have access to all of Paynet's products and solutions, and you can easily generate all types of reports with its advanced reporting features.

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