Get Out of the Check and Bond Cycle with Supplier Payments solution!

With this solution, companies pay their suppliers in instalments, while suppliers collect the full payment without waiting for the due date.

With Supplier Payments, companies can make credit card payments in instalments for up to 18 months as they receive products and services from their suppliers, eliminating the need for following checks, bonds, and due dates.

This solution makes it possible to pay with all commercial cards and allows companies to manage and report on payments from their suppliers and vendors separately from a single screen and easily manage cash flow.

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What are the Benefits of Paynet Supplier Payments?


Offers the option to make payments in one lump sum or in instalments up to 18 months. 


Payments are made on the same day, freeing businesses from the check-bond cycle.


Provides the means to make payments easily on all commercial cards.


Provides the ability to pay in instalments without requiring an additional document such as a contract or protocol.


Provides the benefit of cash management and detailed reports from a single screen.


Provides the convenience of tracking payment processes in a digital environment.


Easy integration with CRM and ERP systems, all transactions are instantly visible.


While companies pay in instalments, suppliers get the benefit of receiving a single payment.

Supplier Payments is a platform that allows businesses to pay by credit card in 18 monthly instalments when purchasing goods and services from their suppliers, and manage and report their payments separately from a single screen.

Paynet member merchants can easily integrate with the Supplier Payments system and start managing their cash flow.

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