Subscription Model Make Recurring Payments Easier to Collect

Subscription Model are used to collect payments such as dues, school instalments, membership fees, etc. that are repeated at certain intervals.

With Subscription Model, Paynet member merchants can automatically collect payments from their customers during the date range and repetition frequency they set.  

The customer's card information must first be entered for Subscription Model. A link is sent to the cardholder to collect regular payments at periodic intervals and his/her approval is obtained via the transmitted link.


Conveniences offered by the Subscription Model Method

  • No more tracking manual collection
  • Ability to collect payments without maxing out the card limit
  • Contactless and secure remote payments
  • Diversifies payment methods
  • Eliminates operational burden
  • No more investment costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction and sales

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What are the Benefits of Subscription Model?


Subscribtion Model

Paynet member merchants can set different date ranges for the payment to be collected (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.).

Confirmation with a Single SMS

A single OTP is sufficient for multiple payments, eliminating the need for the member merchant to contact their customer on each payment day.

Information About Payments

The amount can be changed as agreed by both parties.

Don't Get Stopped By Limits

Allows payments to be collected without blocking the entire card limit.


Lets you change the amounts in changing products and service prices.


If there is a problem with the card from which the payment is to be collected, a new card can be added or removed.


Notifies you instantly when your customer's card limit is insufficient or closed.


Long-term payment option increases customer satisfaction and volume of sales.

Subscription Model is a system that allows you to receive payments regularly.

  • Dues
  • School Fees
  • Membership Fees
  • Invoice payments
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