Collecting Payments by Link

With Paylink, Paynet member merchants can easily receive location-independent payments instantly by sending a link even if they are not face-to-face with their customers. It also includes multiple payment methods (payment via wallet apps, split payment, etc.).

Paynet member merchants send a link to their customers via SMS, e-mail or WhatsApp by entering the payment amount, payment subject, and contact information via the Paynet Mobile App, PayPortal or an integration to be made with their own programs. Payment with link is so easy that all the customer has to do is fill in the the card information on the payment page accessed by the link and authorise it.

Customers can pay with link by entering their card information and selecting the instalment option, store their card or pay with their previously stored cards or make their payment by selecting the app of the bank they use from the bank wallet app. 

Now that we have answered the question 'What is payment by link?', we can move on to the benefits of receiving payments with link.

Conveniences of Collecting Payments with Paylink

The ability to receive payments with link offers business a number of conveniences. These include:

  • Ability to collect contactless and secure payments remotely
  • Diversifies payment methods
  • Collecting payments instantly with no additional integration required
  • Eliminates operational processes
  • No more investment costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction and sales

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What are the Benefits of Collecting Payments with Paylink?



Ability to collect contactless payments regardless of location and without any limit.


It offers the customer multiple payment alternatives at once.


Ability to send standard or conditional links from different platforms (PayPortal, Paynet Mobile App (MobilePOS), Paynet API).


With the 'Split Payment' feature, customers can make partial payments with different cards for the same shopping. Meaning, there is no need to make multiple transactions or issue different invoices.


Sending conditional links lets business retain control of the payment.


The business can have its own payment interface without making a separate investment.


The payment is completed without the end user having to share any card information with third parties.


Secure card tokenization infrastructure allows payment using a stored card.

Link payment is a solution that allows businesses to receive payments from their customers either physically or remotely. Customers can quickly and easily make payments from anywhere using the links sent to them.

Any business can receive payments with Link, especially businesses that want to receive payments remotely.

SMS and e-mail are the most commonly used tools in the link payment system. Customers only need to have an e-mail address or phone number. In addition, businesses using the Paynet Mobile App can copy the payment link they have created and share it with their customers via various apps such as WhatsApp.

There are 3 easy ways to get paid with link. The first step is to get the customer's e-mail address or phone number. The second step is to create a payment link and send it over the customer's preferred communication channel. The third step is for the customer to click on the link to go to the payment page and pay via credit/debit card or various wallet apps.

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