Faster Cash Flows and Shorter Due Dates with Paynet Dealer Network

Companies (manufacturers or distributors) mostly work with a dealership system and collect payments according to specific terms. In business models with a main company-dealer relationship, due dates can sometimes last for months. 

The Paynet Dealer Network solution instantly and automatically distributes the payments collected by the dealers between the dealer, wholesaler, distributor and the main company, that is between all stakeholders, at predetermined rates that main company prefer. This shortens the due date in the entire procurement process while digitizing and accelerating cash flow.

With the funding model, main companies offer their dealers many pay by instalment benefits and campaigns. This system allows dealers to collect payments from their customers through a variety of methods such as payment by card, loan and link. The alternative payment methods it offers increase sales volume and do not lose customers. The main company receives payment without delay.

Conveniences offered by the My Paynet Dealer Network

  • You can manage all financial and supply chain processes from a single screen
  • Shortens payment terms
  • Reduces operational burden
  • You can instantly view and report on collection transactions
  • Increased efficiency
  • A secure, digital collections system

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What are the Benefits of the My Paynet Dealer Network?


it reduces the operational burden in cash flow management.


It accelerates cash flow of the main company.


It eliminates the problem of waiting for due dates.


It instantly and automatically allocates progress payments between all stakeholders to accounts at predetermined rates.


The dealer performs transactions at more favourable rates thanks to the main company.


The main company and dealer structure is strengthened and financial efficiency is increased.


Human error is eliminated in cash flow management, no need to spend extra effort for transactions.

The dealer network is the way dealers operate in dealer management and includes their sales as well as their business processes with suppliers and distributors.

A dealer system is a system that makes it easier to organise and manage the company's marketing activities by creating a marketing network where the dealer can offer the company's products and services for sale.

A dealer collection system is a software system that allows businesses to collect credit card payments online from their dealers and sub dealers.

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