PayKredi Gives Your Customers the Option to Pay with a Loan

With Paykredi, your customers can pay with a loan when they shop!

A solution to collect payment with a loan, Paykredi is an alternative payment method for your customers who cannot complete their shopping due to insufficient card limit, who do not want to max out their card limit or who require a longer term. 

Customers can complete the process entirely online without going to a bank branch or submitting any printed documents.

While businesses increase their sales volume by offering their customers the convenience of payment in instalments, their customers can use online loans and complete their shopping quicker than a minute without maxing out their card limits, going to the bank branch, or having to submit any documents.

PayKredi also allows companies to pay with online commercial loan (B2B) so member merchants can easily pay their supplier and the supplier/main company can receive all amount of the payment in once without any delay. This solution allows companies to manage their cash flow more effectively with advantageous interest rates and special promotions.

Conveniences offered by PayKredi

  • Ability to collect payments quickly, digitally, and securely
  • No collection fees, no file costs, no insurance obligations
  • Instant online application without going to the branch
  • Bank campaigns and favourable rates
  • Increased sales volume
  • Greater variety of payment options
  • Increased customer satisfaction


PayKredi gets stronger with Paynet and İşbank cooperation!

Paynet and İşbank offer a shopping experience beyond limits by integrating Paykredi and “Pay with İş.” Customers can complete their purchases with İşbank's online loan by selecting the Pay with İş app on the Paykredi platform. This strong cooperation offers member merchants different payment methods and prevents lost sales. With the Pay with İş service, customers can complete their purchases with an instant loan.

Shopping Loans with PayKredi at Akbank Juzdan

Juzdan, a bank-independent digital wallet app that allows users to add debit and credit cards from any bank, has joined forces with Paynet, Türkiye's leading payment systems organisation. Customers of businesses using Paynet's Paykredi, Paynet's credit payment solution, can now shop using loans with Juzdan app. In this way, Paynet prevents lost sales while offering alternative payment methods to member merchants. Customers can also complete their purchases without the problem of card limits, The main advantages of Paykredi are favourable interest rates and cost- and insurance-free loans.

Fibabanka Shopping Loan

Paynet in association with Fibabanka offers favourable interest rates that allow you to collect payments from your customers quickly and easily with shopping loans. With Paykredi, Paynet member merchants can offer their customers loans with due dates up to 36 months through Fibabanka Shopping Loan. Moreover, even if your customer is not a customer of the bank, with the new ID card, they can instantly become a remote bank customer without going to the branch.

Paynet and Fibabanka reserve the right to change the conditions, determine and change the products and due date options, change their duration or cancel them. Fibabanka reserves the right to freely evaluate loans and change their conditions.

What are the Benefits offered by PayKredi?


The entire process is carried out completely online, without the need for the customer to go to the bank, declare a payroll or income or sign any documents.


The customer can remotely become a customer of contracted banks and pay by loan within minutes. This convenience returns to the business as customer satisfaction.


It allows you to collect digital, instantly confirmed, fast and reliable payments.


The customer can shop without maxing out the card limits.


It offers the means to pay in the long term with favourable interest rates.


The business increases its sales volume by increasing the number of instalments.


The business offers alternative payment options to its customers, preventing possible customer loss.


The shopping amount is transferred to the business account without waiting for the due date.


It allows businesses to both receive and make payments with online commercial loans.


Businesses reduce costs and increase profitability with online commercial loans.

Payment with loan solution allows your customers to continue shopping without worrying about their card limit. Paynet member merchants send a link to the customer's mobile phone up to the amount of the purchase, allowing the customer to select the appropriate bank. Within minutes, credit is withdrawn from the selected bank's app in the desired amount.

Paynet member merchants and their customers can easily benefit from the practice of receiving payment with a loan.

  • Buying without limits
  • Preventing customer loss
  • Securing payment acceptance for Paynet member merchants
  • Instant online loan application
  • Greater variety of payment options
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