All Your Bank Accounts on a Single Platform with Open Banking

With Paynet's Open Banking service, you can manage all your bank accounts from a single screen

When managing a large number of different accounts for businesses, it is important to keep track of these accounts and perform transactions without errors.

The service offered by Paynet creates value for businesses at this point. With this solution, companies using the platform can view all bank balances and account transactions on a single screen, reconcile account transactions, transfer money between accounts, and make payments via the bank account of their choice. Moreover, businesses with more than one company can easily switch between accounts. Reporting is automatically renewed and data can be continuously updated with no extra effort.

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Conveniences offered by Paynet Open Banking

  • Manage all your bank accountson a single screen
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Make payments from bank accounts
  • Reduces operational burden
  • Instantly monitor cash flow
  • Minimises margin of error
  • Increases efficiency

What are the Benefits offered by Paynet Open Banking?



You can monitor and report account transactions in different banks on a single screen.


With no need to enter the accounts in all banks one by one, you save time.


You can monitor cash flow instantly and track payment and collection with a single click.


In addition to commercial account transactions, you can also view POS transactions on the same screen.


Businesses with more than one company can easily switch between accounts.


With regularly updated data, no movement is overlooked and the margin of human error is minimised.


You can transfer money between accounts and make payments through bank accounts.


As there is no need to spend extra effort in cash flow management, it reduces operational burden.

Open banking is free of charge.

Open Banking is a service model in which customers share their financial data with other banks and financial institutions with their consent. The goal is to give customers better access to their data, improve their experience, and make banking services easier and more efficient. 

Since Open Banking is subject to the obligations of the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye, it is a highly secure system if the necessary security measures are taken.

Managing all bank accounts on a single screen - Reducing operational burden - Monitoring instant cash flow - Minimising the margin of error - Increasing efficiency – Account-to-account transfer - Payment by open banking

  • Those whose business model requires detailed reporting
  • Those with a wide distribution, branch, franchise, dealer network
  • Those with high daily trading frequency
  • Those who want to receive immediate payments from account balances other than credit cards
  • Those who want to access their accounts at all banks on a single screen

Open banking is free of charge.

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