Card tokenization

With a card tokenization solution, you allow your cardholder customers to make payments without the need to enter information such as name, card number and expiration date. This solution can shorten the process of entering card details, which can take minutes and provide your customers with a secure shopping experience.

Card tokenization solutions are mostly used for online collections via virtual POS. Generally, users can benefit from card tokenization solutions with the mobile phone information they provide when registering with the system. Payportal, developed by Paynet and offered to members, enables card tokenization solutions to be used in physical store sales.

With the Payportal Payment Collection solution, consumers can share their phone numbers at the cash register and pay with their cards in the MasterPass or PaynetPass infrastructure.


PaynetPass infrastructure securely stores customers' card details in payments made at Paynet member merchants.

Customers' card information can be stored for purchases made with Paynet Virtual POS, Paylink, Paynet API or the Paynet Mobile App, and customers can easily shop through all sales channels with their stored cards without entering payment information again later. Moreover, there is no need to install any application or plug-in to use PaynetPass and all transactions are made with a single touch.



MasterPass, the card tokenization solution developed by Mastercard, enables users to save their cards in e-commerce transactions and make purchases without re-entering their card details.

Paynet member merchants can use their customers' cards registered in the MasterPass infrastructure in compatibility with Paynet solutions.


BKM Express

Your customers can sign up for BKM Express free of charge and make purchases without sharing their card details on the Internet and entering them again.

Paynet member merchants can use their customers' cards registered in the BKM Express infrastructure in compatibility with Paynet solutions.

Card tokenization technology is a service that provides a fast shopping experience on trusted online shopping sites without the need to enter card information.

Card tokenization service is a safe method as long as it is used carefully.

The Paynet Card tokenization Service offers your customers a fast and reliable shopping experience.

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