Manage Your Cash Flow from Your Smart phone by using Paynet Mobile App

Paynet is a payment app that enables member merchants to collect payments faster and easier, independent of location.

All Paynet member merchants log in via Paynet Mobile App (MobilePOS) with their unique user name, dealer code, and password. It includes many alternative payment methods such as payment by link, payment by loan, payment by card and contactless payment by NFC. In addition, member merchants can access all features such as reporting and tracking financial transactions on this app.

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Conveniences offered by the Paynet Mobile App (MobilePOS)

  • Compatible with all smart phones and tablets
  • You can manage all financial processes from a single screen
  • Receive payments easily in the field
  • Eliminates costs associated with purchasing POS devices and receipts
  • Greater efficiency with fast collections
  • Easy access to all payment methods
  • Instant access to reports
  • Diversifies payment methods

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What are the Benefits of the Paynet Mobile App (MobilePOS)?


With the Paynet Mobile App, sales teams can collect payments in the field regardless of location.


Easy and simple to use.


You can download it free of charge to iOS and Android devices.


Eliminates costs such as POS device purchase, maintenance, service and slip fees.


It offers ease of access to all payment methods from a single screen.


Businesses can customise the Paynet Mobile App with their brand names and logos.


It can be uploaded to app stores with the businesses' own company branding.


Lets businesses manage and report all their financial processes on mobile devices from a single screen, any time they want.

The Paynet Mobile App is a payment app that enables Paynet member merchants to receive payments faster and easier.

  • Receive payment with card details
  • Receive payment by link
  • Receive payments with NFC
  • Receive payments with loan
  • View transaction details

Mobile payment refers to payment transactions made using a mobile device.

  1. Choose a service provider.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Integrate API.
  4. Identify products/services.
  5. Offer payment options.
  6. Take security measures.
  7. Test and certify.
  8. Go live.
  9. Educate users.
  10. Monitor and maintain.
  1. Select an appropriate payment method.
  2. Select what you want to purchase.
  3. Enter the required information.
  4. Confirm the transaction.
  5. Perform additional verification if necessary.

Mobile payment shopping is most common in the e-commerce and digital content categories. In particular, e-commerce sites that sell products and services such as clothing, electronics, groceries, travel, and entertainment often use mobile payment methods.

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