Paynet member merchants can easily generate QR codes with PayQR and collect payments from their customers with this code.

PayQR generates customised QR codes for the amount of purchases made by customers at Paynet member merchants. Customers can easily go to the payment page and complete their transactions with the camera or QR code scanner on their smart phones.

Paynet member merchants can safely collect contactless payments with Paynet-based QR codes in their physical stores or send QR codes to their customers online.

Collect without Contactless Payment Limits

With PayQR, member merchants can easily collect payments within the rules set by the regulation without getting stopped by the contactless payment limit.

Compatible with TR QR Code

All QR codes generated by Paynet member merchants with PayQR will be compatible with the TR QR Code app developed and implemented by the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye.

Compatible with All Platforms

Paynet member merchants can easily generate the QR codes required for payment via PayPortal and Paynet API. Since the generated codes work with different screen sizes and platforms, the payment is processed without any problems.

Fast and Practical Payment

Customers can easily access the payment screen by scanning the code generated by the Paynet member merchant with PayQR. From this screen, payment can be made both automatically with the Pay with e-Wallet option and by entering card information.

QR code payment is a method that enables the payment to be processed with the apps belonging to the business via smart phones. QR code payment allows customers to make their payments quickly. QR code payment is available for all devices with an Internet connection.

Workplaces that collect payments with QR codes create QR codes specific to the amount of shopping done by their customers. Customers can make their payments quickly and securely from the payment page by scanning the QR code with their smart devices.

Businesses that use the OR code payment system can collect QR code payments either in their physical stores or online.

QR code payment is a practical and easy form of payment that saves time. Paynet member merchants offer a contactless, fast, and reliable shopping experience without the need to obtain customer information using PayQR.

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