All Transactions Automatically Recorded with Smart Reporting

All transactions made with Paynet are instantly reported and automatically recorded in hundreds of different categories.

All transactions made by Paynet members are instantly recorded with the Smart Reporting system. Reports can be customised with many categories such as card infrastructure, product group, and high sales days.

With Smart Reporting, businesses can easily track their financial processes and organise campaigns around customer buying patterns.

Flexible and Customised Reports

All payments made through Paynet are summarised in a single report with Smart Reporting. Paynet members can customise the report by selecting the payment channel of their choice.

Customer-Specific Smart Campaigns

With Smart Reporting, businesses can view details such as average customer payment amounts or the day with the most sales. They can also create special campaigns based on customer shopping preferences or payment history.

Multiple Filters in One Report

With Smart Reporting, the entire financial flow can be viewed on PayPortal. Paynet members can easily access details such as which banks are preferred, which product group has more regular sales, or the average instalment amount.

Efficiency Through Automated Reporting

With Paynet, there is no need to spend extra time or money on reporting. In addition, Paynet members can combine the data they receive from Smart Reporting with data from other sources if they wish.

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