Create Your Own Payment Directory with Paynet Directory

Paynet members can quickly collect payments from their regular customers wherever they are with Paynet Directory.

Paynet Directory can be used by logging in via MobilePOS and PayPortal and provides easy access to customers and fast collection.

Paynet Directory allows member merchants to collect payments by sending Paylink to the mobile phone or e-mail address registered in the directory.

Wherever you are, you can quickly make collections by selecting your dealers and regular customers from Paynet Directory. All you need to do is to log in to MobilePOS or PayPortal and select your customer from the Directory. If you wish, you can easily collect payment by entering contact information or by sending Paylink to your customer's mobile phone and e-mail address saved in the directory.

Easy Access through Integration

Changes made to the Paynet Directory, which works with both PayPortal and MobilePOS, are immediately reflected on both platforms. For example, a new customer added to the directory via MobilePOS can also be viewed via PayPortal

Automatically Saved

Paynet contracted dealers of companies are automatically saved to the Paynet Directory. A new customer's information can also be saved. In this way, the directory grows and is updated daily.

Faster Collection

Paynet Directory customer information can be used to collect payments via PayPortal or MobilePOS, as well as by sending a payment link via Paylink. In other words, both in-person and online collections can be made.


Fast Reporting

There is no need to reconcile between reports showing which payment came from which customer. With Paynet Smart Reporting, all the information you need is available in the transaction list, and collections received from customers are automatically sorted.

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